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Posting a Poster

Latest additions to the WSAF collection…

Firstly, a poster to advertise the event.

All of the individual acts will be given a template which they should use to create their own advertisement to display around campus, but this one will be used to (hopefully) get more people to come along and join in the fun.

WSAF Poster


Secondly, create your own plane.

As there will be quite a few children coming to WSAF, to perform in events and get their artwork prizes, the Webmaster decided it’d be fun to give them something to print off and colour in. And in the middle of the library, we’d really like a bored, revision-avoiding student to decide it’d be fun too… So, here’s the WSAF Colourable Plane, bringing smiles to all with crayons!

Colourable WSAF Plane

Stolen from "Think I may need a new coat of paint after those ash clouds.. anyone care to help me?"

Icons for WSAF Events Programme

Just a very quick update… Now exams are finally over, I’ve got back to being able to do the odd bit of graphics (between catching up on missed sleep). Here are the set of icons for the WSAF Events programme, to match with the event types. All are 50×50 with the exception of the music notes, where I thought it needed a little shadow which pushed it over the width slightly.

In order; Dance, Literature, Theatre, Drama, Comedy, Music, Others.

WSAF and the cartoon plane

After helping out with the WSAF (Warwick Student Arts Festival) holding page, I’ve been doing a few images here and there for the main website. It started off with just doodling some repeatable hills for the background image, and moved on from there.  Planes may not be turning up at the actual festival, but it seemed fun, and from then onwards became known as the Boo-Plane, flying all around the world (wide web).

Made with love for a website created by the most amazing person I could ever wish to know…

WSAF Plane

Plane created in Fireworks for WSAF 2010 Website

Lets Go!

Some shiny butterfly’s, created in Fireworks CS4 – just to get this blog up and running!

Some Butterflys I drew using Fireworks CS4

Some Butterflys - Created using Fireworks CS4